Allisen Villalobos
I utilize my outgoing and amiable personality to motivate and empower the new generation of entertainment.
Allisen Villalobos hails from Lancaster, California, and is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. She has taken various courses such as Creative Presentation, Business Management, Intro to Marketing, and more, and with each course, she has progressed and developed her skills to be an ideal candidate. Allisen has always had a passion for media and entertainment, and during her journey, she discovered a new talent in creative writing. In the future, she hopes to continue writing and expanding her knowledge in the industry while empowering the next generation to find their voice. Allisen is dedicated and determined, as evidenced by her ability to run a marathon of 26.2 miles for seven hours. Fluent in Spanish and is currently learning Mandarin Chinese. She will always have your best interest at heart, and she sees the potential you have, which you may not have discovered yet. 

"Allisen always goes above and beyond to be helpful. She has a delightful personality that makes her a joy to be around.
Rosemary Quinones 
"Allisen Villalobos is an entertaining and courteous individual to work with, as she ensures that there is never a dull moment."
Ellonce Kemp
Shift Lead, Vallarta

"I can list many great qualities that Allisen Villalobos possesses as a person and an employee. Despite working in a busy environment, she can handle pressure while consistently providing exceptional customer service. 
Sharde'e  Cornejo
Assistant Manager, Blaze Pizza
Allisen is warm and welcoming, making everyone feel at ease."
Elisa Cisneros-Casarez
"Allisen always seeks opportunities to learn and grow, displaying a positive attitude and strong work ethic, and never hesitates to ask questions. 
Joshua Anderson
Store Manager, Blaze Pizza
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